SMB3 for WinCE

YNQ enriches Windows Embedded Compact with SMBv3 client and server capabilities, overcoming WinCE SMBv1 default constraint.

YNQ Adds Server/Client SMBv3 Capabilities to WinCE

SMB client Windows CE

The SMB protocol version 1 was introduced in Windows CE version 5.0 in 2004. Microsoft kept supporting the SMB protocol in Windows Embedded Compact until 2013 without upgrading it to incorporate later SMB protocols – namely SMB2 and SMB3.
The outdated versions of Windows CE are still in use today mainly in the industrial world, in manufacturing and automation, sensors and monitoring devices, controllers, ATMs, gas and fluid system components, energy and utilities. Due to the nature of these industries, an upgrade to a new operating system is impractical as would require huge efforts and costly resources. These constraints prevent outdated Windows CE-based machines from connecting to network shares on Windows machines running SMB version 2 or later.

Which version of the SMB protocol is supported?

The table above shows what the most recent SMB dialect supported by each Windows version is. The SMB version used between an SMB client and an SMB server will be the highest dialect supported by both. A WinCE machine will enforce the usage of SMBv1, which is disabled by default in recent operating systems (see the article Bid Goodbye to Malware Prone SMBv1).

Integrating the off-the-shelf YNQ library into Win CE enables connectivity with any SMB client or server supported machine. Read more …

SMB Client-Server Features

Feature Client Server
Support all SMB/CIFS versions from NTLM0.12 (SMB1) up to SMB 3.1.1
SMB Encryption
Message Signing
Pre-logon integrity
File/Directory operations include open, read, write, querying info and more
Network Browsing (domains, hosts and shares)
Host resolution through DNS, LLMNR and NetBIOS
Optimized reads and writes
Authentication LM to NTLMV2 SPNEGO
Authentication for Local Users
Active Directory Integration
IPv4 and IPv6 Support
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