About Visuality Systems

Visuality Systems is the worldwide leader in the development and provision of Server Message Block (SMB) protocol solutions, serving the needs of embedded devices, Java systems, and mobile applications. Our cutting-edge technology is widely adopted across a diverse spectrum of industries, including IoT & consumer electronics, data management networks, automotive, medical, aerospace & defense, HMI, telecom, banking, robotics, and more. We particularly take pride in the fact that our software operates in over 340 million high-end printers globally.

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Visuality Systems provides the most complete and up-to-date SMB client and server solutions for embedded products, storage systems, and Java-based applications.

Visuality Systems Ltd is the leading global developer and provider of Server Message Block (SMB) protocol solutions. Given our global reach, we provide our services to a clientele list of over 150 Blue Chip companies worldwide.

The SMB protocol is a data and printer communication protocol that models Microsoft’s Distributed File System. 

SMB server solutions are used in a variety of embedded products, Java-based applications, and Storage systems. Visuality Systems have been evolving with SMB development over many years. Such experience equips us with a proper understanding of the SMB dialects and their implementation. We established our position in the market to be the most efficient company to provide high security, flexible and adaptive SMB solutions for various industries.

In a developing business world, we are dedicated to offering our customers the most upscaled SMB solutions. 

As a part of giving the best service, we organized set-up around the clock customer support service, given by the team of experienced SMB engineers.

To ensure we deliver the best services, our products undergo quality assurance tests before distribution.

The products are thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with all types of operating systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, and other types of SMB – supported storage platforms.
Visuality Systems maintains a close relationship with Microsoft and all distributed products come with the required Microsoft SMB IP.

In addition to the off-the-shelf solutions and meeting customer-specific requirements, we offer additional services of porting the SMB library to other operating systems as well as general consultancy on the SMB protocol.

Our headquarters are located in Yokneam, Israel.


With over 20 years of experience in SMB,  our focus has been on facilitating effective connections between machines and software within the Microsoft environment, using the MS native file-sharing protocol.

As we advance, our vision is to develop cutting-edge solutions that offer our customers an efficient and secure file transmission that will increase their productivity. 

We are devoted to our commitment to improving our file sharing solutions to be on top of all industry trends and  meet the future demands of our customers.

We are improving our technical knowledge and services to be in line with the best industry standards to provide the optimal value for our customers.