SMB3 for Linux

Visuality Systems YNQ™ offers the most advanced, Non-GPL SMB client and SMB server libraries for anyone looking for a fully up-to-date, supported SMB stack for the Linux platform

YNQ™ Adds Server/Client SMBv3 Capabilities To Linux OS

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Visuality Systems YNQ™ offers the most advanced, Non-GPL SMB client and SMB server libraries for anyone looking for a fully up-to-date, supported SMB stack for the Linux platform.

Linux OS forms the largest installed base of all general-purpose operating systems. Linux can be found in smartphones (Android), Servers, and Embedded devices as part of a family of open-source, Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

The YNQ™ for Linux off-the-shelf library was designed and developed as a user-space solution for bringing the latest SMB capabilities to all Linux based systems through a straightforward integration.  

YNQ™ supports all Linux OS (Fedora, Ubuntu, Red-Hat, Debian, Suse, and others). Being fully portable, Visuality Systems YNQ™ can be integrated into the Linux operating system environment, granting both server and client SMBv3.1.1 capabilities.

YNQ™ Client provides an FS module (Driver) that implements a system-dependent driver framework. The default implementation is based on the FUSE library.

YNQ™ has been integrated into hundreds of millions of embedded devices from various markets. Some of the typical scenarios where Linux is used include printers, routers, medical devices, automotive machines, automation and other IoT appliances. The YNQ™ for Linux was designed and developed with a small foot-print concept, granting simple customization and offering maximum flexibility to run on any hardware. YNQ™ supports all embedded Linux deployment scenarios.

YNQ™ will be preferred by those looking for alternatives to open source SMB libraries such as Samba for file sharing. Samba comes with a GNU General Public License, and particularly the newer versions come with a GPL3 license. YNQ™ commercial license offers a proprietary solution to meet their objectives.

The YNQ™  is the Visuality Systems C-based code, offers full compliance with the Microsoft SMB/SMB2/SMB3 specifications, and comes with around the clock support service.

Client-Server Features

Feature Client Server
Support all SMB/CIFS versions from SMB1 to SMB 3.1.1
SMB Encryption
Message Signing
Pre-logon integrity
File/Directory operations include open, read, write, querying info and more
Network Browsing (domains, hosts and shares)
Host name resolution through DNS, LLMNR and NetBIOS
WS-Discovery of network devices
Optimized reads and writes
Zero-copy direct transfer support
Authentication LM to NTLMV2 SPNEGO
Authentication Kerberos
Authentication for Local Users
Active Directory Integration and LDAP
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