Fully scalable, robust, continually updated Pure Java SMB library

The only Java solution with full SMB3 support

The jNQ™ SMB client library is the industry’s top priority replacement option for the JCIFS library where SMB2 and SMB3 are required. JNQ is a continuously updated, extensively tested against all latest Windows machines and industry common servers, pure java SMB library that includes all registered patents. Offering personal, fast-response SMB3 professional support, JNQ is reliable, robust, and highly scalable.

smb file sharing

What makes JNQ unique?

Supports all SMB dialects up to SMB 3.1.1

Java developers can now ensure file sharing security with end-to-end encryption offered by the SMB 3.1.1 dialect. jNQ security mechanism has become essential after the Wannacry and Petya cyber-attacks, which took advantage of the vulnerability of the older SMB dialects.

Written in pure Java

jNQ eliminates the need for internal 3rd party libraries, and Java Native Interface (JNI) to connect to any non-Java code. The Java community can now connect to any Windows machine through any platform supporting the Java programming language.

The only complete SMB implementation

jNQ includes SMB share encryption, supports Distributed File System (DFS), includes Kerberos authentication, comes with built-in RPC support (SRVSVC, SAMR, LSA, WINREG) and network browsing including WSD and a mechanism for automatic reconnects/retries.

Seamless integration

jNQ enables easy integration via drag and drop library. The jNQ client library is delivered with a full set of code examples, all relevant Java documentation and guided support. It also includes on-going SMB specialist assistance and support.

Runs in any Java environment

jNQ supports all Java versions from the 1.5 platform to present. It’s the only SMB over JAVA solution to support all major Java vendors: Oracle Java, IBM Java, and Open JDK. Additionally, jNQ client library supports Java on the Android platform.

Encryption, Active Directory and Kerberos support

In addition to message signing, jNQ supports encryption of all SMB traffic and pre-authentication integrity. It authenticates via Kerberos or NTLM/NTLMv2 (transparently with the Windows Active Directory) via user/password, an externally defined Kerberos ticket, or via Kerberos delegation.

Multi-threaded, highly async

jNQ supports both synchronous and asynchronous reads and writes and includes internal resource management. This enables enhanced performance by allowing for multi-threaded I/O (for example, reading files from multiple shares simultaneously).

Around-the-clock support

jNQ comes with fully comprehensive support tracking via an online help desk and an open communication channel to the JNQ development team, with 24/7 rapid response. jNQ customers save time and money, enabling them to focus on their core technology.

What our Customers say about us

There's No Comparison

Open Source

Microsoft SMB IP licensing
24/7 customer support
File and folder operations: create, read, write, get info, etc.
SMB share encryption
Kerberos delegation
Network browsing: Browser, WSD
Built-in RPC support: SAMR, LSA, WINREG, SRVSVC
Get list of Active connections
Internal connection cleanup
Retry and internal reconnect mechanism
Internal name resolution (DNS or NetBIOS)
Async read / writes
Internal data capture

jNQ Functionalities

  • Compliant with all relevant Microsoft specifications
  • Name resolution functionality by means of NetBIOS, WINS, DNS
  • Security: jNQ is a tightly secured system offering:
  • Authentication with LM, NTLM, LMv2, NTLMv2, NTLMSSP, SPNEGO and Kerberos
  • Domain (AD) authentication
  • SMB encryption
  • Message signing
  • Pre-logon integrity
  • File and folder operations: create, open, rename, info, setting exclusive access
  • File operations: read, write, read async, write async
  • Network browsing support
  • DFS
  • RPC support: SAMR, LSA, WINREG, SRVSVC, DSSETUP. All of the above are extendable. A generic DCERPC framework can be used for developing more RPCs
  • Transparent fail-over (support of persistent and durable handles)

JNQ with SMB over

Visuality Systems’ JNQ file-sharing solution for Java applications operates also using SMB over QUIC, for providing end-to-end encryption, shortening connectivity time, improving overall connectivity performance, and discarding the need of using VPN.

The QUIC transport is available for JNQ clients as a pluggable add-on, by a proprietary implementation of Visuality Systems.

Using this simple add-on, JNQ can utilize SMB over QUIC for supporting higher-performance connectivity to file servers.

smb file sharing
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