Non-GPL Server and Client SMB implementation

In the past 20 years, Visuality Systems has been steadfast in continually developing the most advanced commercial SMB Server and SMB Client (also known as CIFS) solutions providing interoperability with the Microsoft environment.

NQ™ family products are the industry’s first choice - with over 100 Blue Chip clients worldwide, in industries as diverse as storage, consumer devices, aerospace & defense, medical, industrial automation, and smart devices, integrating the NQ™ stack into their products.

Both our Storage and Embedded solutions feature support up to the latest SMB 3.1.1



High performance SMB implementation, which offers flexible integration for a wide range of storage services, from standalone NAS to high-end data centers.



The complete SMB implementation in the market. Both server and client solutions, developed for non-Windows systems to provide interoperability with Windows-based machines.

Why Visuality Systems




  • 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining the SMB code.
  • Working closely with Microsoft for full compatibility with the newest SMB dialects.
  • Tested with the industry top quality assurance tools for compatibility, user experience, negative testing and load testing
  • Full support around the clock
  • Adaptive to any customer environment




The Server Message Block (SMB) protocol (also called CIFS), is a file and printer sharing protocol which serves as the basis for Microsoft's Distributed File System implementation. Every year, more and more networks utilize the SMB protocol for its advantages over other alternatives.

Contrary to FTP and HTTP, SMB allows not only copying an entire file, but also grants access to files over the network. File editing, for example, can be executed over SMB, without changing its location.

Furthermore, SMB version 3 and above provides enhanced security by supporting end-to-end encryption.

Another alternative, NFS, is also a file sharing protocol similar to SMB. However, NFS is only native to the Linux world, whilst using it on a Windows computer requires installing a patch. SMB scores over NFS as it is a native solution for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

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 March 27, 2017

The VxWorks version of NQE 2.00 is now released.


 December 04, 2016

Visuality Systems has released NQE™ 2.00, features the latest SMB 3.1.1 support.


 August 21, 2016

Visuality Systems will be a sponsor at the 2016 SDC conference to be held in the Hyatt hotel, Santa Clara, USA on September 19-22. New NQ™ Storage and NQ Embedded SMB versions will partake at the SMB3 Plugfest event to be held in the same venue.

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 August 10, 2016

The Visuality Systems iNQ application is now available in AppStore. Visuality Systems’ SMB (CIFS) app, can be downloaded and will enable both Client and Server file sharing between an iOS-based smart device and a Win/MAC/Linux PC. 


 April 11, 2016

Visuality Systems and Microsoft expand Server Message Block collaboration to storage systems. 

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 April 01, 2016

Visuality Systems has announced the release of its NQ™ Storage 1.00.