New Release – YNQ 2.1.0

New Release – Visuality Systems has released YNQ 2.1.0. Details about new features are presented in this release note.


The YNQ 2.1.0 release introduces significant enhancements and additions to both the client and server components. Notable updates include the integration of AES-256-CCM and AES-256-GCM encryption algorithms, improved Service Principal Name (SPN) mechanisms, extended network buffer support for read and write SMB operations, and compatibility with BlackBerry QNX 7.1 and QNX 8.

Client + Server Improvements

Encryption Algorithms Support

AES-256-CCM and AES-256-GCM

YNQ 2.1.0 now supports advanced encryption algorithms, AES-256-CCM and AES-256-GCM, providing enhanced security for both client and server-side communications.

Client Enhancements

SPN Mechanism

IPv4 or IPv6 Literal Server’s Address

The Service Principal Name (SPN) mechanism has been improved to accommodate both IPv4 and IPv6 literal server addresses, offering greater flexibility and compatibility.

Buffer Size Optimization

8MB Buffer Support

YNQ 2.1.0 introduces the option to use 8MB buffers for read and write operations in Server Message Block (SMB), optimizing data transfer and improving performance during SMB operations.

Platform Support

BlackBerry QNX 7.1 and QNX 8 Compatibility

The client component now seamlessly integrates with QNX 7.1 and QNX 8 operating systems, broadening the range of supported platforms.


The YNQ 2.1.0 release represents a significant milestone, introducing advanced encryption capabilities, improved addressing mechanisms, enhanced buffer support, and expanded compatibility with BlackBerry QNX operating systems. Users are encouraged to explore these features to benefit from heightened security and improved performance in their network communications.

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