New Release – jNQ 2.5.0

New Release – Visuality Systems has released jNQ 2.5.0. Details about new features are presented in this release note.

jNQ 2.5.0. Release Note

Visuality Systems is pleased to announce the release of jNQ 2.5.0, featuring numerous enhancements and fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Kerberos Authentication: Resolved several related issues, including the inability to fallback to NTLM after a Kerberos authentication failure.
  • Domain Name Handling: Improved the mechanism for extracting the domain name from the username when using formats like domain\username or domain@username.

New Features and Enhancements

  • NTLM Authentication: Enhanced processing when using a Service Principal Name (SPN).
  • Additional Examples: Included more examples to demonstrate various jNQ features.
  • New APIs:
    • Directory.getEntriesList(): Provides greater flexibility in retrieving directory contents.
    • New retrieval methods added to Mount.Info.
    • File.querySecurityDescriptor(): Retrieves a file’s security descriptor.
    • Share.getInfo(): Includes the total space as well as the free space of the share.
    • APIs for specifying and/or adding new signature or encryption algorithms, complete with sample code.
  • Logging and File Naming: Log and capture file names now include the date and time, improving file management and traceability.
  • SMB 2.x Dialect Family: Enhanced signing algorithms to improve security and performance.
  • MountParams Enhancements:
    • New field dns specifies the DNS server for a specific mount.
    • Added KDC and REALM fields for mount-specific Kerberos specifications.
  • Internal Capture Security and Data Storage Enhancements:
    • Actual data in read and write commands is replaced by zeros.
    • A maximum of 50 bytes is shown in the pcap file, regardless of the actual data buffer size.


This release brings significant improvements to jNQ, enhancing both its security and functionality.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please Contact Us.

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