New Release – jNQ 2.4.0

New Release – Visuality Systems has released jNQ 2.4.0. Details about new features are presented in this release note.

jNQ 2.4.0. Release Note

jNQ 2.4.0 is a significant release of Visuality Systems’ Java SMB software library, introducing new features and improvements to empower developers in network file system interactions.

Selective Encryption Enforcement with Connection Management

jNQ 2.4.0 introduces a robust security feature that allows users to enforce encryption selectively for specific connections. With this feature, the connection is dropped whenever the server doesn’t support encryption or randomly doesn’t encrypt a single message, ensuring data confidentiality during transmission. This enhancement significantly bolsters the security of network file system interactions.

Enhanced Symbolic Link Manipulation

In this release, we have introduced new APIs that provide advanced capabilities for handling symbolic links. These APIs enable developers to create, modify, and manage symbolic links within their network file system applications seamlessly. Symbolic links are special files that reference other files or directories, allowing for more flexible file management.

Enhanced User Access Control and Security Descriptors

jNQ 2.4.0 introduces new APIs that enable developers to retrieve additional information about security descriptors. Security descriptors are used to enhance user access control methods by uniquely identifying users and groups in the Windows operating system. These new APIs provide developers with more comprehensive access to security descriptor data, allowing for better control and deeper insights when working with user and group permissions in network file systems.

Bottom line

The release of jNQ 2.4.0 showcases Visuality Systems’ commitment to delivering a feature-rich, secure, and developer-friendly Java SMB software library. These enhancements empower developers with advanced symbolic link manipulation, selective encryption enforcement with encryption management, and expanded capabilities for managing security descriptors, thereby enhancing user access control methods. We encourage users to explore these new features and leverage them to create more robust and secure network file system applications.

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