Stopping the Next WannaCry

What made WannaCry such big news is not the financial impact but the fact that it locked up a hospital to the point where operations were delayed and lives were in jeopardy.

In what way WannaCry has exploited the SMBv1 vulnerability and how to stay protected in the next cyber attack.

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As a company dedicated to advancing the latest SMB protocols, Visuality Systems offers the NQ Family of products that support the latest encrypted SMB3.1.1 protocol for all operating systems under a commercial license and 24/7 support.

Finding the right SMB client and server software

Finding the right SMB client and server software for your application will depend on your deployment model. Embedded systems and IoT devices have different requirements than data centers or corporate networks. However, there are several key factors to consider that apply across the board. Let’s take a look at two popular SMB software providers and see how they stack up against one another.

Samba vs Visuality Systems: Comparing the popular SMB software options

In non-Windows environments, two of the most popular choices for SMB client and server software are the open-source GPL v3 Samba and commercial solutions from Visuality Systems.

  • Portability and flexibility-

    Samba is supported across a variety of *nix operating systems. In addition to strong Linux and Unix support, Visuality Systems supports a wide variety of other platforms including Windows, iOS, Java platforms, and real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as ThreadX and VxWorks. Further, Visuality Systems takes a customer-driven approach to developing new on-demand features, making their SMB solutions the most flexible on the market.
  • Licensing

    – Samba uses a “copyleft” license (GPL v3) that can create licensing conflicts and legal issues in commercial products. Visuality Systems offers OEM-friendly commercial licensing and SMB Microsoft Patents included in the license agreement (no need to contact Microsoft!).
  • Vendor support

    – Users in need of commercial support for Samba must contract with a 3rd party vendor. Visuality Systems supports their SMB software directly via an online helpdesk.


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