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VS Mobile File Manager

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File management solution for local and remote file storage.

A File Manager that features the most powerful global search on the internet. Enjoy all features free for 30 days.


File Manager Benefits

Protection with File Encryption

Store & Share files using advanced SMB encryption to ensure higher data security.

Faster Connections

With the advanced QUIC protocol, experience high-speed data transfers.

Global File Search

Find any file stored in local and/or remote storage in seconds.

Workspace in One Place

Create files, edit information, read and share any file, and do more in one place.

Extensive Library View

Get a collective view of your local and remote files in one place.

Shared File Management

With shared file access, manage your work on any file anytime, anywhere.

App Features

Power of Global Search

Get instant access to your files and folders stored across local and remote storage. Start by typing your desired file name and the efficient built-in search algorithm will identify and locate the file across local and remote storage instantly.

Find files stored anywhere

 Get a collective view of your stored files

 Quick search to view remote files instantly

Extensive File View

Find all your stored files in one place. Get a collective view of your remote and locally stored photos, videos, PDFs, audio files to save time and increase efficiency.

View all file types mp3, mp4, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc categorized in their folders.

 Get a collective view of each file type stored on the local and network storage.

Create, Read and Edit in One Place

Whether you are working from home, running a business, or finishing a project, managing your files is always easier with this app. You can create new files on the go, read and write them, or edit the information whenever you want. No need to worry about accessing your files.

Create and store files on local or network storage

 Edit files anywhere by accessing the remote storage

 Share files easily with anyone, anytime instantly

Effective Clipboard Operations

Whether you are creating a new file or editing an existing one, maintaining your data is just so easier using effective clipboard operations.
Manage your data properly across multiple files stored locally and/or remotely without losing it.

 Copy data across files stored across local and remote storage

 Paste data across files

 Delete data across files

 Bookmark your folders

 View properties for your files

Data Storage

Protect Files with Encryption

Your Data belongs to you. No one else should be able to access what is yours. Connect to Azure and any SMB server, encrypt your files and share them confidently knowing no one is able to steal or misuse your data.

 Encrypt your files before sharing them with others

 Use the advanced level SMB protocol to ensure safe transfers