quic file manager

QUIC File Manager

The only


File Manager

Enable VPN-like access to your storage

Open SMB protocol shares securely (with Kerberos authentication and TLS 1.3 encryption). Connect to personal & business resources stored in the cloud directly from your mobile device.


QUIC App Benefits

File Encryption

Protect sensitive information with TLS 1.3.

Faster Connections

Boost your network with exclusive SMB over QUIC.

Global File Search

Access local and remote files seamlessly.

Multiple View Ops

Easily drag and drop files across split screens.

Linkage Safeguard

Scan and add secure network connections.

Optimized Data

Stay organized with smart storage.

App Features

Supercharged File Search

Instantly locate files across various storage sources with our advanced search feature. Search by filename and effortlessly find your files stored locally and remotely, streamlining your file access.

  • Search your files globally
  • Seamlessly access remote files
  • Lightning-fast search results

Comprehensive File Library

Your one-stop file management solution! Consolidate your local and remote files, meticulously categorized by type, including audio, images, videos, archives, downloads, and documents. Plus, enjoy the convenience of bookmarks and easy access to recent files.

  • Organized file types in one place
  • Efficiently access your recent files
  • Effortlessly navigate through your media

Streamlined File Management

Simplify your file management tasks, whether you’re at home or on the go. Create new files, read, edit, and share with ease across local and remote storage. No more hassles when accessing and managing your files.

  • Create, read, and edit files anywhere
  • Seamless access to remote storage
  • Instant file sharing capabilities

Mastering Data Control

Take full control of your data with our powerful clipboard operations. Manage your files stored locally or remotely efficiently without any data loss. Copy, move, delete, rename, and more, all in one place.

  • Effortlessly copy and paste data
  • Efficiently delete and manage files
  • Organize your folders with bookmarks and properties
Data Storage

Secure Server Connections

Protect your files through encryption when connecting to remote servers. Enter server IP or name and use SMB over QUIC to ensure secure transfers. Your data’s integrity is our top priority.

  • Encrypt files for secure sharing
  • Utilize SMB over QUIC for safe transfers
  • Connect to Azure and SMB servers with confidence