Why is SMB essential for a Storage solution when we can use NFS?

With NFS, your solution will be limited to Data Centers with Linux/Unix machines only. When Windows machines are involved, SMB becomes a must.

Is NQ™ Storage a complete Storage solution?

Generally speaking, it is not. NQ™ Storage is a front-end for an existing Storage solution. NQ™ Storage comes with an off-the-shelf solution for Linux platforms. You can use this solution as a standalone server, but not as a cluster.

How to integrate NQ™ Storage into our product?

In addition to porting and integration efforts, NQ™ Storage requires integration with a distributed file system backend, which requires another API.

Is your SMB implementation mature enough to be a front-end for Data Center applications?

Yes. NQ™ Storage was successfully tested as a front-end of several applications, such as Hyper-V, SQL Server, Shadow Copy.

Do you support RDMA?

Yes. NQ™ Storage includes SMBD over RDMA transport module. It was tested over Mellanox Infiniband cards.

Which SMB does NQ™ Storage support?

NQ™ Storage supports all SMB dialects up to the latest SMB3.1.1
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