SMB Protocol Explained

Securely share files via SMB3 protocol
SMB3 Off-The-Shelf solution for Windows CE

Visuality Systems and Toradex’s now offer a complete solution for Windows CE machines to overcome the drawbacks and risks associated with SMB1, without requiring extensive upgrades. Companies can now take advantage of the most cutting-edge and secure file-sharing technology, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and protection.

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QUIC replace TCP?
Will QUIC replace TCP?

The QUIC protocol is becoming more and more popular among companies of all types and sizes, and is used by various applications, cloud services and IoT products, thanks to its enhanced security and overall performance. QUIC disrupts the structured TCP concept by using UDP, and by adding application level features to it.

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what is samba

Microsoft SMB Over QUIC Introduction Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Server.
SMB over QUIC, a game-changer coming to Windows, Windows Server, and Azure Files.QUIC offers extra security and higher performance.

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