Non-GPL license
Samba integration is not always possible for embedded Linux/Unix due to the SAMBA support pattern, a large footprint and licensing restraints. Samba requires a GPL license, thus a legal and business concern for all entities.

Visuality Systems products are commercially licensed. By working with Visuality Systems, customers save valuable R&D expenses and stay focused on their core technology.
More than 20 years in SMB 
Since its inception in 1998, Visuality Systems has been fully dedicated to the development of SMB/CIFS - based solutions.

NQ products are utilized in all possible areas, from enterprise storage, consumer devices and Java applications to aerospace & defence, medical, industrial automation, smart devices and more.
24/7 support
Customers receive full backing and technical support from a professional SMB team via the Visuality Systems 24/7 Help Desk. Visuality Systems engineering experts are always at hand to troubleshoot and answer any question, query or request.
Visuality Systems offers services ranging from integration of NQ solutions to specific customer requirements, and services such as porting to various environments and performance tuning.
Full compatibility
Visuality Systems is continuously developing and maintaining the NQ SMB family to ensure full client-server interoperability with all major SMB providers.

Visuality Systems flagship solutions, YNQ™ and jNQ™ are compatible with and meet all relevant specifications found in Microsoft’s SMB versions.

NQ™ supports all SMB dialects up to version 3.1.1 and is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft, Apple Macintosh and Samba.
Client and server solutions
YNQ™ is a portable client and server solution that can be integrated into any embedded device with any OS,  CPU or compiler.

jNQ™ is the only viable Java SMB client solution that supports SMB 3.1.1.

NQ products are everywhere
When scanning a document or a picture and sending it to a PC, it is most likely that the file-sharing takes place through the Visuality Systems’ SMB stack. This is just an example.

Millions of embedded devices and Java applications run the Visuality Systems’ NQ library. Most homes or offices around the world have at least one embedded NQ product.