SMB Protocol Explained

Microsoft SMB Over QUIC Everywhere – Part II

SMB over QUIC Everywhere by Didier Van Hoye, Microsoft Extended Experts Team.
The article talks about SMB over QUIC Adoption Challenges

The article talks about SMB over QUIC adoption challenges,presents use cases, and discusses the future potential of SMB over QUIC

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Microsoft SMB Over QUIC

Microsoft SMB Over QUIC Introduction Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Server engineering group announced in March 2020, a “game changer” coming

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SMB3 for VxWorks

SMB3 for VxWorks YNQ™ Adds Server/Client SMBv3 Capabilities To VxWorks OS VxWorks is a popular real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded systems. The VxWorks RTOS is

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What is SMB?
What IT Decision Makers Need To Know

“Server Message Block (SMB) is one of the most popular file server protocols today. When implemented properly, SMB enables secure, efficient, and scalable network resource and file sharing. A common challenge facing many organizations is finding SMB software that meets licensing, performance, portability, and security requirements without becoming too complex to manage. Here, we’ll take a look at the SMB protocol and popular software options for implementing it both on corporate networks and in commercial products. “

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A Java Infusion

A Java Infusion Christopher R. Hertel The story behind jCIFS A Journey A couple of summers ago, I rode the Mickelson Trail through the Black Hills of South

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SMB3 for Linux

SMB3 for Linux YNQ™ Adds Server/Client SMBv3 Capabilities To Linux OS Visuality Systems YNQ™ offers the most advanced, Non-GPL SMB client and SMB server libraries for anyone looking

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