New Release – YNQ 2.0.0

New Release – Visuality Systems has released YNQ 2.0.0. Details about new features are presented in this release note.

YNQ 2.0.0. Release Note

We are pleased to announce the release of YNQ 2.0.0, packed with new features and enhancements for both the Client and Server libraries. This version brings improved functionality, security updates, and expanded capabilities to enhance your SMB networking experience. Here are the details:

QUIC Add-on

With the integration of the MsQuic library, YNQ Client now supports SMB over QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) protocol on Linux, iOS, and macOS. This enables secure, faster and more efficient SMB communication, enhancing the overall performance and security of file transfers and network operations without requiring a VPN.

Improved AES-128-GMAC signing

The signing algorithm AES-128-GMAC has been optimized for better YNQ performance.

Enhanced Kerberos

In response to the Microsoft CVE-2022-37966 Vulnerability Update, YNQ Client now offers improved Kerberos authentication. To address potential security risks, the RC4 algorithm has been turned off by default. This enhancement ensures that your SMB connections maintain a higher level of security.

Compliance with Server SPN target name validation level policy

YNQ 2.0.0 introduces support for Service Principal Names (SPNs) in the YNQ SMB Client Library to address the server’s policy of ‘Server SPN target name validation level’ or SmbServerNameHardeningLevel with level 2. 

Enhanced mount point creation

YNQ SMB Client Library now supports specific parameters per mount point, allowing for more flexibility and custom configurations tailored to your specific requirements. Parameter examples include: preferred transport layer (TCP or QUIC), specific SMB dialect, type of authentication (NTLM, Kerberos or both).

RPC over TCP

YNQ Server now supports RPC over TCP in addition to a traditional RPC over Named Pipes. This feature is currently used for Printing Services.

Symbolic links

This new feature that applies to YNQ Server provides more flexibility in organizing and accessing shared resources. Symbolic links offer a convenient way to reference files or directories across different locations, simplifying file management and navigation.

Bottom line

We believe that YNQ 2.0.0 SMB Library, with its range of new features and enhancements, will greatly improve your SMB networking experience. Upgrade to this version to take advantage of the latest advancements in performance, security, and functionality.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please Contact Us.

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