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We bring the Microsoft echo-system to any Embedded product and Java applicat

Visuality Systems Ltd is the world-leading developer and provider of SMB (Server Message Block) protocol stacks. Since its inception in 1998, Visuality Systems is fully dedicated to the development of SMB/CIFS solutions, and its clients include over 150 Blue Chip companies worldwide.

Visuality Systems and the SMB protocol have matured together. As a demand-driven company with an absolute focus on SMB, Visuality Systems has been supporting, throughout the years, all relevant SMB dialects, from the old and chatty SMB1 (CIFS) to the latest dialects that exist today.

To assure its customers the most up to date SMB solutions, the company maintains close relationships with Microsoft for future compatibility of its products with upcoming Windows versions.

Apart from off-the-shelf solutions, Visuality Systems also offers services ranging from integration of its solutions to specific customer requirements, and services such as porting the NQ SMB library to other operating systems and performance tuning

Visuality Systems is headquartered in Yokneam, Israel.


Our mission is to retain and build upon our position as the leading provider of commercial SMB/ CIFS solutions.

In the coming years, we will continue to develop cutting edge solutions for the Embedded and Java markets where manufacturers require a stable and high-performance method of network enabling their products.

We will maintain our commitment to investing heavily in the continued development of our solutions for file sharing in order to meet the future demands of our customers. Moreover, we will continue to underpin our technical abilities with an unwavering focus on customer care, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

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