SMB Protocol Explained

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Microsoft SMB Over QUIC

Microsoft SMB Over QUIC Introduction Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Server.
SMB over QUIC, a game-changer coming to Windows, Windows Server, and Azure Files

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SMB3 for VxWorks

Visuality Systems’ YNQ™ helps VxWorks to support SMB and allows embedded systems developers to enable full SMB file sharing on any VxWorks version as well as Wind River Linux and VxWorks 653

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A Java Infusion

Christopher R. Hertel describes an SMB journey in the Java landscape. The protocol upgrade is mentioned as well as SMB implementation. Further links to enjoy SMB reading are enclosed

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SMB3 for Linux

Visuality Systems YNQ™ offers the most advanced, Non-GPL SMB client and SMB server libraries for anyone looking for a fully up-to-date, supported SMB stack for the Linux platform

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SMB3 for WinCE

SMB3 for WinCE YNQ™ Adds Server/Client SMBv3 Capabilities To WinCE. When supported only by SMBv1, a WinCE machine will enforce the usage of SMBV1

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