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New Release – YNQ™ 1.4.0

New Release – YNQ™ 1.4.0 Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.4.0 which includes a new API that retrieves YNQ Product Information, removal of the dependency on the YNQ ND daemon,

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New Release – jNQ™ 1.2.0

New Release – jNQ™ 1.2.0 Visuality Systems has releasedjNQ™ 1.2.0, adding the ability to reduce system overhead by cleaning up unused server connections as well as

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Conference Sponsorship

Conference Sponsorship Visuality Systems will be a sponsor at the SDC EMEA conference to be held at the Sheraton hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel on February 4-5. The

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New Release – YNQ™ 1.2.0

New Release – YNQ™ 1.2.0 Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.2.0 for enhanced compatibility with the new Windows API standards introduced in Windows 10 Build 1903.

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