Is it complicated to start using jNQ?

jNQ API is straightforward and intuitive, and allows for a quick start in just a couple of hours. In addition, jNQ documentation comes with a number of complete examples that demonstrate the many features of the product.

What performance features does jNQ have?

jNQ offers concurrent reads and writes. It also caches DFS entries (see question about DFS), SID (security identifier) entries and hostnames.

Does jNQ support streams?

Yes, jNQ supports inputFileStream and OutputFileStream.

Is jNQ thread-safe?

jNQ is fully thread-safe. It has been tested in multi-thread environments.

Does jNQ support smart card authentication?

Yes, this is available through several Kerberos options.

What kind of authentication is supported by jNQ?

jNQ supports all means of authentication available with SMB – Kerberos and NTLMSSP.

How is jNQ tested?

Each jNQ release is tested with a rich set of tests, which include: functional tests which enumerate all possible combinations of the jNQ API, performance tests, stress tests, including concurrent executions to test multi-threaded environments.

On which Java platforms has jNQ been tested?

jNQ was thoroughly tested on Oracle Java, IBM Java and several Android platforms.

Can jNQ be used to create RPC calls?

jNQ includes the framework code to write specialized RPC client calls. The Javadocs documentation shows the steps needed to implement such a feature.

Which Windows pipes does jNQ support?

jNQ includes APIs for LSA (Local Security Authority), SAM (Security Accounts Manager), and WINREG (Windows Registry).

What SMB dialects does jNQ support?

jNQ supports all dialects of SMB: SMB1, 2.02, 2.10, 3.00, 3.02, 3.11.

Does jNQ support network discovery?

jNQ includes an API that (based on permissions) discovers shares, domains, and servers. Server discovery depends on network configuration. jNQ will additionally use WS-Discovery to discover servers.

Does jNQ support DFS?

 jNQ completely supports DFS.  It caches DFS referral entries to eliminate fetching DFS entries on subsequent requests.

Does jNQ support older SMB versions?

Yes, jNQ can connect over any SMB dialect, starting from SMB1 up to the latest SMB version.  

Does jNQ have an open source version?

No, jNQ comes with a commercial licence.

Why should I use jNQ?

jNQ is the only viable, commercial Java SMB solution that comes with round-the-clock client assistance.

What functionality makes jNQ unique?

jNQ is the only Java SMB solution that supports SMB 3.1.1 with its pre-logon authentication. According to Microsoft, pre-logon authentication provides for the strongest prevention against a possible breach of SMB traffic.

How can I evaluate jNQ?

An evaluation package is available. To obtain the evaluation package, please contact Visuality Systems throught the evaluation form.

What kind of documentation is available with the jNQ package?

The jNQ package comes with complete documentation in Javadoc format.