JCIFSの置き換えソリューション – Visuality SystemsがJava SMB3 クライアントをリリース


Visuality Systems has taken the initiative to develop and provide Java developers with the latest and up-to-date implementation of the Microsoft SMB file sharing connectivity, jNQ™. Written in pure Java, jNQ™ is a client software library, which is available through its API and works in any Java environment starting from 1.5. For nearly 2 decades the open source JCIFS version supporting SMB1 and developed by Chris Hertel was the industry de facto JAVA SMB standard utilized by thousands of entities. jNQ™ allows secured file sharing over the encrypted SMB 3.1.1 version.

Based in Israel, Visuality Systems focuses on bringing SMB connectivity to the Microsoft eco-system in the Embedded and Storage markets. The company offers server and client SMBv3.1.1 implementations for virtually any non-Windows operating system written in C and Java, supporting the latest Microsoft SMB dialects.

Tal Widerman, Marketing Manager at Visuality Systems, explains: “jNQ™ continues the SMB line of Visuality Systems products represented by YNQ™, NQ™ Storage and NQ™ for iOS. The new SMB stack will bring the Java embedded space closer to Windows-based machines by allowing a seamless integration of the Microsoft latest SMB specifications.”

The drive to develop the new Java solution has come from perceived demand by developers to progress to a protected SMB implementation following the WannaCry and Petya cyber-attacks. jNQ™ prevents such malicious attacks by means of Message signing, Encryption, Active Directory authentication, Kerberos authentication and Pre-logon integrity.

“To increase the security of computer networks and devices across the world, moving from SMBv1 towards SMBv3.x is a must”, said Ned Pyle, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Windows Server High Availability and Storage group at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is very pleased with Visuality Systems’ support of the non-Windows community, and welcome the release of its jNQ product, an SMBv3.x solution long awaited by the Java community.”

About Visuality Systems, Ltd

Visuality Systems, Ltd. is the leader in the provision of SMB-based solutions for a multitude of operating systems. Since its inception in 1998, Visuality Systems is fully dedicated to the development of SMB implementations.

For more information:

Visuality Systems, +972 49 592 155, [email protected]

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