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Proprietary SMB Protocol Stacks

Visuality Systems SMB client and SMB server implementations include the Microsoft SMB technology licensing that is required for OEM distribution. Can be delivered as a C based code or Java based code.

Visuality Systems customers are protected from any undue risks arising out of patent exposure and are not required to individually regulate their IP usage with Microsoft

Visuality Systems has been a long-term SMB (Server Message Block) Microsoft partner and through this partnership, all Visuality Systems customers are covered with Microsoft’s SMB patent licenses.

The Microsoft and Visuality Systems’ File-Sharing Protocol Agreement allows companies to develop and sell SMB solutions for their customers, utilizing Client and Server SMB libraries for commercial and non-commercial use.

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Commercial license

All Visuality Systems solutions are commercially licensed thus releasing customers of any licensing restraints or from having to disclose any of their associated technologies.

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YNQ™ is an SMB client and SMB server solutions developed in C for non-Windows systems to provide interoperability with Windows-based machines. Integrating YNQ™ grants SMB capabilities in devices that require to perform full file-sharing functions in a Microsoft Windows networking environment.


Scanners and MFP

Medical equipment
&Smart Devices

Industrial robots

Routers and Gateway

Cameras | TVs and Set Up Boxes | Aircrafts

and more...

  • The most complete CIFS / SMB implementation in the market

  • Runs in any Java environment, starting from Java 1.5

  • Encryption, Active Directory and Kerberos support

  • Written in pure Java

  • Supports all SMB dialects up to SMB 3.1.1

  • Multi-threaded and highly async

  • Seamless integration


jNQ™ is an SMB client solution developed for various Java based applications and is the only Java written library that provides full SMB3 support up to the latest SMBv3.1.1 dialect. jNQ™ is considered to be the market top priority alternative for the outdated JCIFS library.


Insurance & Banking

Data Management

Enterprise Search


Cybersecurity | Management File Transfer | e-Discovery

Android Applications | Information Security

and more...


NQ™ Storage is a robust SMB server solution developed in C that offers flexible integration for a wide range of storage services, from standalone NAS to high-end data centers. Integrating NQ™ Storage in non-Windows servers allows full file-sharing functions in a Microsoft Windows networking environment.

  • Scalable for a wide range of usage and loads

  • Designed for maximum performance

  • Supports all SMB dialects up to SMB 3.1.1

  • STORAGEDomain Authentication support

  • Complies with all relevant Microsoft specifications

  • Validated using Functional, Security, Load and Performance tools



Cloud storage

High-end Data Center

Standalone Server

SAN | Backup and recovery | Media storage

and more...


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