Subscription Terms

Subscription Notice:

VS Manager offers a premium plan in exchange for exclusive services and features. The plan is as follows:

1. Subscription

2. Lifetime 

The payment is only processed through Google Payments in the Play Store. In order to proceed with the payment, you must have an active Google Payment account. 


Subscriptions are automatically charged each billing period (whether weekly, monthly, annually, or another period), and you may be charged no more than 24 hours before the beginning of each billing period.

You may cancel a subscription at any time before the end of the applicable billing period and the cancellation will apply for the next period. For example, if you purchase a monthly subscription, you may cancel that subscription at any time during any month of the subscription, and the subscription will be canceled as of the following month. 

Trial period: Any particular subscription may be offered for a fixed period of time on a free-trial basis. You are free to cancel a free-trial subscription at any time via the subscription setting in your Android account. 

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