Addressing Microsoft’s update announcement for Netlogon vulnerability CVE-2020-1472, the outcoming YNQ version 1.5.0, planned to be released in Q1 2021, will have a secure RPC communication support for NetLogon (passthrough) communication, as it will be a default method for Windows communication starting Q1 2021.


Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.4.0 which includes a new API that retrieves YNQ Product Information, removal of the dependency on the YNQ ND daemon, and includes the latest bug fixes. Additionally, Max Disk Size was added to the Server product to limit the share size and in addition, „Server-Side Copy“ capability was introduced to the Client product for better performance with respect to the copy operation.


Visuality Systems confirms that the SMBv3.x related products are not affected by the Microsoft Windows CVE-2020-0796 vulnerability.


Visuality Systems has releasedjNQ™ 1.2.0, adding the ability to reduce system overhead by cleaning up unused server connections as well as adding new configuration properties. A number of multi-threading bugs have also been fixed.   


Visuality Systems will be a sponsor at the SDC EMEA conference to be held at the Sheraton hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel on February 4-5. The event will be co-located with the SMB3 Interoperability Lab held on February 2-6.  See Link


Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.2.0 for enhanced compatibility with the new Windows API standards introduced in Windows 10 Build 1903.


Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.1.0, adding the option to disable SMB1 by demand plus adding the WS-Discovery functionality, which replaces utilization of the Microsoft SMB1 Browser on the SMB Client product. Additionally MTU support (multi-credits) was added to the SMB server product.


Visuality Systems has released jNQ™ 1.1.0, adding WS-Discovery for enumerating servers functionality, which replaces utilization of the Microsoft SMB1 Browser, as well as security features and performance improvements to SMB3.1.1


Visuality Systems has announced the release of the new-generation Embedded NQ product – YNQ™. Developed under Agile methodology, YNQ™ offers customers a shorter time to market with an upgraded modular design allowing for straightforward integration to any embedded device.


Visuality Systems announces the transition to the Agile Development System which part of the many advantages includes delivery of fully tested Visuality updates in a very short time cycle. Furthermore, Visuality Systems has established an online Help Desk that offers a simple and efficient customer interaction with the Visuality Systems technical support team.

New Release – YNQ™ 1.5.0

New Release – YNQ™ 1.5.0 Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.5.0, adding a secure RPC channel for communication with Domain Controller encrypted with AES which is

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New Release – YNQ™ 1.4.0

New Release – YNQ™ 1.4.0 Visuality Systems has released YNQ™ 1.4.0 which includes a new API that retrieves YNQ Product Information, removal of the dependency on the

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