YNQ™ Adds Server/Client SMBv3 Capabilities To WinCE


by Tal Wideman

The Recently Revealed SMBv3 Vulnerability: Facts and highlights


by Mark Rabinovich

In my younger days, cameras were cameras - not digital devices. In those days, connectivity meant keeping exposed films out of light, avoiding X-rays of airport scanners, and choosing the best film development kiosk. And all this did not require any digital intelligence, but rather human intelligence. Older folks can even recall choosing the right exposure, playing around with aperture and other, what some now consider cumbersome, duties for a non-professional guy.


by Tal Widerman

SMB, or Server Message Block, is one of the pillars of mass data transfers across networks. In the age of data centers and virtualized servers, this is the protocol that is doing the hard lifting, by moving, copying and modifying terabytes of user data, and keeping it secure and encrypted from hackers and ransom attacks.


by Tal Widerman

The firewalls of routers we work behind and consider secure may not really be so. The makers of network hardware are moving too slow to catch up with new hacking exploits, and so the markets are still selling routers that haven’t been upgraded. The situation presents great dangers to users, and this has been confirmed by research findings from the security giant, Akamai.


by Tal Widerman

What made WannaCry such big news is not the financial impact but the fact that it locked up a hospital to the point where operations were delayed and lives were in jeopardy.


by Mark Rabinovich

(YNQ™ vs CIFSFS on Linux) August 25, 2018 by Mark Rabinovich The SMB (Server Message Block) protocol has widely become the default means of file sharing in local networks, inside cloud spaces or in a heterogeneous environment. The majority of computing forces are now capable of being either an SMB client or an SMB Server and even both. The Linux/Unix world is being, obviously, the most diverse division of those forces as Linux/Unix runs on a wide range of devices from large servers to IoT firmware through desktops, laptops, etc.


by Tal Widerman

January 1, 2018 by Tal Widerman Much has been said and written about the security threats posed by the SMBv1 protocol, and yet, as we look around in the beginning of 2018, the use of this protocol is still widespread. It is still not uncommon to find devices and applications using a protocol that is not only ancient, but also unsafe. Let’s take a quick look at some major reasons and recommendations that should convince anyone to stay away from this ancient version of SMB:


by Tal Widerman

Prevent Ransomware CyberAttack with SMB Encryption


by Tal Widerman

How Visuality Systems overcame technical difficulties with the aim of developing proprietary CIFS/SMB solutions while helping bridge a geo-political conflict. Think of an often encountered situation: What can one do when regional blocks can’t communicate well and are torn with turmoil? 

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